Your Consultation
Before the first consultation you will be provided with a questionnaire to complete details about your diet,  health history and lifestyle and information will be analysed before we meet. 
At the initial consultation which lasts generally 60 to 90 minutes we will note your health history and assess  current symptoms and health. When appropriate, additional tests may also be required to help to identify an  underlying imbalance. The information gathered at the consultation together with the results of the tests will  be used to negotiate your personalised and safe nutritional and lifestyle programme. 
Follow up consultations which lasts 45 min take place after four or five weeks in order to monitor progress  and develop the programme further.  Follow-ups frequency and quantity depend on each individual situation. 
Consultation costs
Initial consultation (including Skype or telephone): £150
Follow-up: £100
Home visits: additional £30
Booking fee: £25 (offset against the full consultation price that can be transferred in  case a client is prevented from attending an arranged consultation) 
At JK Nutrition we deliver an evidenced-based impartial approach. Fees incorporate the time spent  preparing and researching your case before and in between consultations, where analysis of test results and  further research are often required. 
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