About Jadranka
Jadranka is a qualified Nutritional Therapist, a Metabolic Balance® Consultant and is certified to work  with cancer patients and oncologists. After graduating at renowned Institute for Optimum Nutrition in London  she had worked for the Nutricentre where she was providing nutritional consultations to clients and presenting  popular nutritional topics to public. Currently she is working for Revital, one of the premium supplements  providers in London, where she advises clients on appropriate  supplementation as well as running her private JK Nutrition practice in Shepherd’s Bush.   
Having a BSc in Economics and MSc in Development Management,  Jadranka became interested in nutritional science after she had developed  chronic digestive pain. After unsuccessful attempts by conventional  approaches to find answers to her ongoing health concerns she decided  to retrain in Nutritional Therapy to acquire knowledgeon how to help herself.  During the highly demanding studies she learned and experienced how  with the appropriate diet and lifestyle choices we can effectively improve  and maintain our good health even within a busy and demanding lifestyle.  Jadranka has particular interest in digestive issues including IBS,  constipation, diarrhoea, inflammatory bowel disease, food allergies and  sensitivities as well as weight management, low energy and fatigue. She  uses nutritional therapy to address skin problems including acne, eczema  and psoriasis, cardiovascular issues, lowered immunity and hormonal  imbalances. 
Jadranka has always enjoyed homemade foods and have been interested in creating food recipes that are  easy to prepare, delicious and with high nutritional quality. With her broad knowledge on the best food  products combined with her simple food recipes she will create a diverse and inspiring weekly menu.  Jadranka is registered with the the Complementary & Natural Health Council, CNHC and is a member of the  British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy, BANT. Jadranka regularly attends seminars,  conferences and workshops to keep up to date with latest scientific researches in Nutritional science in order  to best assist her clients. She attends regular meetings for nutritional therapists in London and webinars  where the current researches and case studies are discussed. 
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