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“Let thy food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food”
(Hippocrates 460-377 BC)
Health benefits of foods has been known since ancient times and modern science has established the direct  link between nutrition and lifestyles with our health and wellbeing. When given the healthful diet the human  body has amazing power to recuperate and may spontaneously defeat many diseases.  
Making the right food choices will influence our health for  better and when these choices are repeated over years the  rewards may become major. At JK Nutrition we can help you  to find out which foods best agree with you and how to  combine foods that will provide optimum nutrition for your  body.  An optimally nourished body will improve your energy  and vitality, help to adapt to stress and life pressures, be able  to take control of your weight and help with many other health  concerns.
Everyone has got different dietary needs depending on age,  sex, lifestyle, pollution, metabolism and health issues. In our  clinic in Shepherd’s Bush we offer one-to one consultations  that provide advice on personalised nutritional protocol and  lifestyle management that fit individual lifestyle, budget and  food preferences.
JK Nutrition also run educational seminars and workshops. 
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